The Left Left Women

How did I become a person Democratic politicians say they do not want in their party? That’s not hyperbole. Democratic politicians told me they do not want me in their party. One told me to get my family out of the school district.

My fifteen year old self would never believe it. Politics interested me since childhood. In one of my earliest memories, I sat at the round kitchen table and listened intently as my mother and father discussed the USA Bush/Dukakis Presidential election. By sophomore year, I loved liberalism and considered myself a Democrat. I loved Clinton. That same year, I founded the diversity club at my high school, and attended the first National High School Diversity Conference in Denver.

Over the years, due to disillusion and nonconformity, I registered as an Independent. Linda Killian interviewed me for her book, The Swing Vote: The Untapped Power of Independents. However, I continued to vote blue. Eventually I would come to proudly call myself a progressive liberal and an activist for social justice. I’ve organized and participated in countless actions.

In 2012, I helped to organize a march for Trayvon Martin in Denver.
In 2014, I took on Facebook’s breastfeeding policy and won. They publicly apologized.

In 2015, I “came out cannamama” and started a movement for mothers who choose cannabis as medicine while pregnant and breastfeeding.

I am pro abortion. I am an abortion doula. I supported same sex marriage and gays in the military (still do). I am a racism abolitionist. I despise the school to prison pipeline, and support criminal justice reform. I support decriminalization of all drugs. I support environmental protections. I support universal quality healthcare. I support the DREAM act. I support taxing the rich.

Today, I am a registered Republican because of gender identity. It’s the hill I choose to die on. The hill where my progressivism dies a sad death.

I couldn’t believe what they said. I was a what? “A TERF.” What does that mean? “A trans exclusionary radical feminist.”


I obtained my BA in political science, focused on class oppressions, but avoided “gender studies” because I figured I am a woman and didn’t have much to learn about sexism. I live it. Young and dumb. I had no clue what “radical feminism” even was. I certainly didn’t consider myself “trans exclusionary”. I partied at Tracks Denver plenty. I encountered men who identify as trans while they worked where I frequented. No problems or so I thought. I simply did not want men in rape shelters. I had no idea that was a controversial demand. I quickly learned the mantra, “transwomen are women” and that I no longer had the right to spaces free of people I knew to be men.

That conversation got me ostracized from a community of mothers I had grown to love. I considered these women to be like-minded. I thought we were friends. They called me transphobic. They called me a bigot. They called me trash.

I did not believe these things about myself to be true. I went into a deep depression. For the first time in my life, I was afraid to speak my mind. I am happy to report that fear didn’t silence me for long. The abuse began to embolden me.

I became absolutely enraged when I learned transactivists demanded the precious language women use to discuss birth and lactation change. It happened though, rather clandestinely, despite the public objections of women in our community which included an open letter written by midwives and signed by the revered Ina May Gaskin. Midwives Alliance of North America said we could no longer be mothers. We couldn’t even be “women”! MANA updated its core competencies to replace some instances of the word “women” with “pregnant people”. By transactivists’ own admittance, the “backlash was dramatic”.

In 2017, I decided to attend an abortion doula training event put on by one of the organizations who adopted “inclusive” language. There were dozens of women and one man identified trans. Bizarrely, they required us all to state our pronouns before we began and every single person in the room had an obvious sex. Only one person demanded we refer to him as “she”. I refused to state my pronouns. During the break they forced me to leave, and said I made people feel unsafe. The women who left in solidarity with me went LIVE with me directly after my removal, and it can be viewed here. Then the organization publicly lied about why they asked me to leave.

Around the same time, the organization that helped me challenge Facebook and get my breastfeeding story to go viral removed me from their community, banned, and blocked me because I criticized their use of the word “chestfeeding” and refused to capitulate to them. Yet I remained a voter dedicated to progressive politics and the Democratic party platform. I continued to believe I could change the minds of my fellow lefties despite the continued abuse I received from transactivists.

Transactivists have said every horrible thing you can think of to me. One told me my baby should die so that it could be spared a life with me as its mother when I was in my final trimester of pregnancy. Transactivists, Democrats, have called me every name you can think of in the long six years since that first conversation in which I learned I am considered a TERF. It took another five years of rabid abuse before I left the left, switched my voter registration to Republican, and proudly voted the party line in the 2020 elections. In all of my years of public activism, transactivists are the opposition group who most negatively impacted my life with public attacks on my family and business. I’ve been threatened and told to die more than I care to remember.

In 2019, a self-identified Democrat and candidate for Denver Public Schools Board race ran on the promise to include a gender neutral bathroom in every middle and high school building in the district. Truthfully, in the state of Colorado children have been allowed to choose the facility of their preference based on their “gender identity” since 2012. Tay Anderson proudly kept his promise when voters elected the 19 year old fresh out of high school, and now at least one facility in each building is designated “gender neutral”.

That same year, my child in a Denver high school honors biology program had to watch Teen Vogue’s Youtube video titled “5 Misconceptions About Sex and Gender”. The first line of the video is, “Hi. I am Hanne Gaby, and I am here to tell you the binary is bullshit.” I contacted the school administration about the teacher’s curriculum. My family received a meeting and an apology. The teacher apologized to all of the students forced to view the lies. I still didn’t quite understand the depth of the trans indoctrination at public schools.

Meanwhile CO state Senator and Democrat, Julie Gonzales, responded to a public comment I made on one of her Facebook posts about men who identify as trans in women’s prisons. She told me I am transphobic because I believe women in prison deserve the protection of space segregated from men. She told me she doesn’t want the votes of people like me, women concerned for some of our most vulnerable and marginalized women.

Next, pronouns began to show up on Zooms, in syllabi, as part of email signatures, and attached to other official DPS documents. I finally realized how deeply the trans agenda rooted itself in my children’s public school, and I wrote the school board about the inherent sexism and homophobia present in their trans inclusion policies. I received an incredibly insulting and discriminatory reply and shared it to my social media.

In the Board’s response I learned about the Won’t Be Erased and Inclusion Resolutions. I also learned that DPS states their Non-Discrimination and Title IX policies cover gender identity and transgender as “protected classes” which is not congruent with the federal Act. In actuality, it is in direct conflict with Title IX as the inclusion of gender identity removes equal opportunity protections for girls and women in favor of boys’ and men’s feelings. The Board said my children “identify with the gender assigned to them at birth” and will be taught said nonsense as part of the “equity curriculum”. The Board ignored all of my other questions and concerns. At that moment, I lost the sense of representation as a parent of children in public schools.

That led to my family and I becoming the subject of the At Large Director of Denver Public Schools’, Tay Anderson’s, social media posts mocking us, calling us racist homophobes (despite my concern with homophobia and lack of discussion about racism), and telling me to get my children and family out of his schools. I resent that it seems to be the DPS position that poor and middle class children who cannot afford private education are not allowed to go to school without being indoctrinated into a belief system that harms children, women, and homosexuals. The problem was much worse than I thought. I finally realized to continue to vote blue is self abuse.

In August 2020, after Director Tay Anderson used pictures of my children on his Instagram story to mock my family and made a video to tell me to leave the district, I sat down with my husband and changed our voter registration to Republican. Transactivists got what they wanted: the end of my loyalty to the Democrat party. I had to walk away. I no longer believe they are the party of women and science. At least Republicans have pledged to fight to maintain the legal definition of woman and sex under the law.

Interestingly, as I struggled to find the words to sum this piece up, Director Tay Anderson faced sex assault allegations brought by Black Lives Matter 5280, the Denver, Colorado chapter of what they describe as “part of a national movement, aligned in Black love, power, and liberation in order to embody the declaration that Black Lives Matter – regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sexual identity, immigration location or status, gang affiliation, profession, ability, economic status, and religious beliefs or disbelief.” BLM5280 released a public statement in which they requested Anderson apologize and seek therapy for his actions. The local news reported “multiple” women came forward.

Of course, the man in the position of power to take from women and girls, the man who publicly brags about his great feat of “gender neutral bathrooms in every Denver public school”, the man who calls women and mothers who fight for their rights and the rights of their children “transphobic and racist”, the man who proudly bullies children into pronoun compliance, that man who encourages young women to avoid the police, becomes the same man who denies the allegations of sex assault against him. Tay Anderson used his position of power in public schools to promote BLM’s slogan of “black trans lives matter” and pressure DPS students, families, and faculty to adhere to gender identity beliefs and language or else be labeled a racist. It’s a very effective tactic to stifle women concerned for their children and rights.Since the story about the sex assault allegations broke, another story surfaced that Anderson violated the Denver Public Schools retaliation policy when he was employed by them in 2018. It seems he learned nothing from that experience as he only stopped using his social media platform and followers to retaliate against people for their views after BLM publicly accused him of sex assault. His social media is full of posts proud of how he harassed and bullied community members who dared to dissent. He finally stopped deleting unflattering comments, he stopped the verbal abuse and clapbacks, he stopped mocking those with whom he disagrees, but only after accused by multiple women of sex assault. We can only presume his fancy lawyer finally advised him to knock it off and hope it lasts.

Anderson is far from the only man in a position of power to fight feverishly for the destruction of women’s and girls’ spaces under the guise of trans and then later be accused of sexual misconduct.

I mention all of this to illustrate the cultural climate anywhere gender identity ideology or trans inclusion takes hold. It is supported by Democrats, has happened in all of our public spaces, but particularly in public schools where people in positions of power over our children silence the concerns of women and girls via state sponsored and financed institutional indoctrination. Public school LGBTQ+ toolkits and policies force children, their families, and staff into compliance with the trans belief system and the Democratic party platform.

The youngest of our school children are forced to lie about what they know to be true in order to be accepted. They are taught boys and girls can have a penis or a vagina and that it doesn’t matter which parts someone has. Both are lies. Women and girls haven’t lost our civil rights protections on the basis of our sex yet. Male violence against women and children is a major world problem. Health consequences can differ and have serious life threatening consequences because of one’s sex..

We know that small babies and even dogs recognize human sex easily, nearly instantly, and with almost perfect accuracy every time. This is science. It is gaslighting, manipulative, and abusive to tell children they do not know what they know, that they must lie to be good people.

Children are taught that their feelings and personalities dictate their “gender” before many of them have a grasp on individuality. Many captured trans kids are on the autism spectrum. Their trusted teachers tell them they can be born in the wrong body. That is a religious belief that has no place in public schools as no child is born in the wrong body. Teachers used to teach children to accept themselves for who they are, not encourage medicalization of their bodies, the removal of healthy genitalia, and experimentation with their health. Gender non conformity should not be medicalized. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual children should not be pressured to trans. This is a new form of conversion therapy and it is sold as progressive human rights.

Public schools should not convince girls their boundaries and rights oppress boys and men no matter how those boys and men may feel about themselves. That is sexism. Public schools should not be where kids are told it’s cool to be trans. We know “affirming” leads to hormone blockers, and that gender clinics now accept patients as young as 8 years old for hormone blockers to disrupt children’s healthy development. We have no idea what the long term effects will be. “Reversible” is a huge lie.

Public schools should not be able to hide facts from parents about their children, inspire, and support parental alienation. Public schools should not use classroom instruction time to host trans inclusion presentations for the entire student body in which classmates are used to pressure their peers into adopting trans language and beliefs. Get Stonewall and similarly unethical organizations out of schools.

Who is Keira Bell?

If public schools are going to teach the entire student body about transgenderism, they should give a clear definition of what it means to be transgender without using regressive and sexist stereotypes particularly about women and girls. Teachers should be forced to include detransitioners and their stories in the “inclusion” project. It should be balanced and rooted in facts. Make sure they know who Keira Bell is and that they understand her court case well. Test them on it.

The health risks associated with the consumption of cross sex hormones should be told. Teachers should explain that sterilization and a drastically reduced potential partner pool are the norm. Young adults should also learn about the RISKS: of cancer, the brittle bones, the endless pills, the surgeries, the pain, and the biggest risk of all, REGRET.

Read the children horror stories of when men dilate their wounds. Teachers should use proper terminology like double mastectomy rather than “top surgery”, castration rather than “bottom surgery”, show pictures of the massive wounds left in young girls’ arms where flesh is removed to fashion a penis that will never erect. Sex change operations aren’t actually rainbows, and to do anything else is to hide the truth and comply with the indoctrination of children into a prescribed belief system of the far left and Democratic political party platform.

“Transwomen are women” is a political slogan of the left. We aren’t allowed to speak the truth about men who identify as trans. We can’t voice concerns about women’s rights or spaces. Don’t even think to worry about the future regrets of children too young to know better. If you do, you will be expelled from whatever party represents the left in whatever country you read this. That’s all it takes.

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