I have only been connected to Jeanna on FB for a couple years now, I believe Jeanna has a very valuable way of expressing things that other people may have a problem expressing. When it comes to women’s rights, that’s where I value Jeanna’s input and where I find myself wanting to help create change. I also was a cannabis consumer during 2 of my pregnancies, and her info helped me advocate for myself and bring awareness to HCG and how it is detrimental to a fetus to consume pharmaceutical drugs when cannabis is an option.” Amanda Appling, Puyallup, WA

I found Jeanna’s original group, CannaMama Clinic about 6 years ago while pregnant with my second son. I suffered with HG and was struggling.  Her wisdom and resources helped me make the best decision on my cannabis use during pregnancy. I also had my OBs blessing when I showed her what I had found with Jeanna’s help. I continued to stay in her groups and learned so much. It was a woman-centered space and we all supported each other. I became a better mother, a better person and found my strength. About two years ago I approached the group with a question about my relationship. It was absurd and toxic. I needed out. Had I not made the friends I had, and had Jeanna among others to lean on, I never would have found the strength to leave and stay gone. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for Jeanna, I’d still be stuck in that miserable relationship and not thriving and giving my children the life we all deserve.”, Nichole T. 35, Spokane, WA

I just wanted to say that Jeanna’s Facebook group has made such a positive impact in my life. I’ve noticed I’m more confident. When people are being shitty, I call them out on their shit now. I don’t back down from confrontation as much. I’ve noticed I’m way more likely to give people compliments. I used to be shy, and didn’t want to say things to people. A woman with an amazing skirt would just walk on by. I’ve started giving way more compliments to total strangers and it has made me and the people around me happier. I’ve noticed that I am way happier with my physical appearance since joining. And I have done nothing to change that. This is all just a shift in my own way of viewing myself. I just wanted to say thank you, Jeanna, and the amazing editors, admins, and moderators that make the education this group provides possible. ~ Lisa Greene, 30, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

Intelligent, dedicated, honest, informed, genuine, beautiful soul who has created this company [CannaMama Clinic] from the ground up! Changing lives daily, a hard working advocate for women & mothers everywhere.” ~ Faith Greaves, Ft. Myers, Florida, USA.

Wonderful company with an owner committed to preserving the rights of women and other groups of marginalized people. ~ Jennifer Lehman, State College, Pennsylvania, USA.

…you are honestly the reason I reintroduced the breast! …how successful we’ve been since CannaMama Clinic. 100% I exclusively pumped for 5 weeks and was starting to lose my supply. If I wasn’t a part of the group I wouldn’t have felt so strongly about getting back into [breastfeeding]. Then I see women like you who are so committed, and it just gave me hope. I only feed my son 1 or 2 bottles a day now, and he wouldn’t even take the boob in the beginning. I am not only so much less stressed because of this, but I also feel so comfortable knowing what an amazing group of women I have to support me. ~ Miranda Martin, Kitchner, Ontario, Canada.

You are a f*cking boss! I think you’re so inspiring, and I am so glad I found CannaMama Clinic! ~ Janel, Sandusky, Ohio, USA.

A few months ago I was a different person. CannaMama [Clinic] is responsible for my awakening as I think of it. I was ashamed of my anxiety- and couldn’t see it. Ashamed of smoking cannabis and still needing an anti-depressant. I was hesitant to use the word feminist because I didn’t want to be vilified. Now? There’s no shame left. Vilify me if you want. I’m more confident in myself, I’m second guessing myself less, and my parenting has improved thanks to this [company]. My home is happier because of CMC [CannaMama Clinic]. Jeanna saved me from a pit that I didn’t even know I was stuck in just by having created this amazing company and community. I’m proud to be a cannamama. ~ Jacquelyn, 27, Prince George, BC, Canada.

I enjoyed your show [Coming Out with CannaMama Clinic] so much. I am truly so glad I sat next to you that day, Jeanna. This is something I never discuss, and can’t openly at all, but for 7 years I’ve felt the weight of feeling guilty and being told the day my daughter was born that I was a bad Mom. To listen to you guys talk so openly and positivity about something I was judged so harshly on has helped me more than I expected. I just wanted to say thank you so much. And thank you for having Dr. Ross on the show. I had my Mom listen and she said you guys had her cracking up. She loved it so much also. You go, girl. Thank you so much. ~ Amelia, 31, Jacksonville, FL, USA.

I can say that the moment he said “pro life” your face INSTANTLY flashed through my mind. You’ve made such a huge impact on my way of thinking. I don’t think you even understand the magnitude of the work you’ve accomplished here just through discussion and education. You’re making a GIANT difference one mindset at a time, Jeanna. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ~ Laura, 28, Florida, USA