Policy Questions for a Pro Life Utopia

 I have questions for people with the political opinion that abortion should be illegal in the United States. 

What does that look like? Born after Roe v. Wade, like many people who object to abortion, I wonder how the forced birth society would function. I realize this reality exists in other countries, and can be statistically answered. However, I want to know what the ideal looks like from the people who want to make abortion illegal.

  1. Does the law function within typical overburdened police, many who may sympathize with the women?
  2. Is there an abortion gestapo comprised of “pro life” people trusted to investigate women who have been accused of interest in abortion? 
  3. Who qualifies for the position?
  4. Who decides who qualifies?
  5. What do they wear?
  6. Are they armed?
  7. Who runs the department?
  8. How is it funded?
  9. What should be cut from the budget in order to afford abortion investigation?
  10. Will there be any abortion exceptions?
  11. If rape is an exception to allow women to have an abortion, will the woman have to name her rapist? 
  12. Does the rapist have to be charged? 
  13. Will there need to be a conviction for rape before the abortion is allowed? 
  14. If a conviction isn’t necessary, how will a woman prove she was raped and not simply lying to obtain an abortion?
  15. If the rape is not successfully proven, will the woman then be brought up on charges for trying to illegally obtain an abortion?
  16. How will the exceptions be verified?
  17. How will miscarriages be determined and verified?
  18. How will “spontaneous abortion” be distinguished from “medical abortion”?
  19. Who will make these determinations?
  20. How will these people who make these determinations about women’s pregnancies be chosen?
  21. If a woman is found to have aborted, what will her punishment be?
  22. What will happen to the people who help women abort?
  23. Where will more funds to try, convict, and punish these women and people who help them come from?
  24. What will happen to women found guilty of being interested in abortion?
  25. Will she be monitored to ensure she stays pregnant?
  26. Will facilities exist to monitor women who do not want to remain pregnant?
  27. Will they be coathanger free?
  28. Will women be placed in padded rooms or chained to hospital beds until they give birth to ensure they do not abort like they want to?
  29. How will the state keep these women from finding a way to not be pregnant any longer?
  30. If women who would have chosen abortion due to fear of death do indeed die, is anyone negligible for their medical choice that caused her death?
  31. Will the children that she left behind due to being forced to birth have sponsors? 
  32. Will any other policies and laws be changed to actually lower the rates of women who seek abortion?
  33. Since the child at any stage in pregnancy is considered a person, are they considered a citizen or will citizenship remain determined at birth?
  34. If a woman without citizenship gets pregnant in the USA, is she automatically a US citizen even if her child dies before birth?
  35. Will the child’s sperm donor owe back child support calculated with the consideration that mom is in 100% custody and health care costs incurred to woman and child during pregnancy?
  36. Will all pregnancies be considered for child tax deductions regardless of live birth status?
  37. Can women insure pregnancies and collect upon miscarriage?
This list of questions is far from complete, and will be updated regularly. I hope it is a start to get past some of the rhetoric and into the policy proposals and implementation of the laws. Please contact me if you have a question that you would like me to add to the list or if you have answers to my questions. I would love to hear them.